Xubuntu MP3 Shortcuts

Um MP3s per Tastatur in XFCE zu wechseln, kann man unter All Settings / Keyboard / Application Shortcuts Tastenkürzel festlegen, z.B.

  • parole -N oder
  • parole -B

parole [OPTION…] [FILES...] - Play movies and songs

Help Options:
-h, --help Show help options
--help-all Show all help options
--help-gst Show GStreamer Options
--help-gtk Show GTK+ Options

Application Options:
-i, --new-instance Open a new instance
-n, --no-plugins Do not load plugins
-d, --device Set Audio-CD/VCD/DVD device path
--xv Enable/Disable XV support (true or false, default=true)
-E, --embedded Start in embedded mode
-F, --fullscreen Start in fullscreen mode
-p, --play Play or pause if already playing
-N, --next Next track
-P, --previous Previous track
-r, --volume-up Raise volume
-l, --volume-down Lower volume
-m, --mute Mute volume
-u, --unmute Unmute (restore) volume
-a, --add Add files to playlist
-V, --version Print version information and exit
--display=DISPLAY X display to use