Bye bye Netzneutralität schreibt:

Cable companies are famous for high prices and poor service. Several rank as the most hated companies in America. Now, they’re lobbying the FCC and Congress to end net neutrality. Why? It’s simple: if they win the power to slow sites down, they can bully any site into paying millions to escape the “slow lane.”This would amount to a tax on every sector of the American economy. Every site would cost more, since they’d all have to pay big cable. Worse, it would extinguish the startups and independent voices who can’t afford to pay. If we lose net neutrality, the Internet will never be the same.

heise fasst die geplanten Änderungen kurz und bündig zusammen.

Es gibt Widerstand:

  • Communities across the internet are livid; 12 of the top 16 posts on Reddit’s r/all have to do with net neutrality as does most of the front page of Imgur.
  • New York Times
  • Times
  • Reddit

As long as big telecom has stacks of cash to throw at politicians, net neutrality will never be safe. But perhaps widespread outrage about repealing regulations that are both fundamental to the open internet and wildly popular on both sides of the political spectrum can buy us enough time to build something better.