Jahr des Linux Desktops 2019 …

… wird leider auch nix. Laut @sawaba

Why it will never be the year of the Linux Desktop
1. Install Linux. Works great!
2. Stumble upon interesting software on GitHub.

This looks really cool! You get excited.

3. Tackle 37-step process to build or install involving setenv, sandboxing, $PATH, export, tmux, gem install, apt-get, yarn, CPAN, rvm, nvm, pip, curl tgzs & nodejs to run 50kb of code.

You’re nervous about being asked to install deps via CPAN, pip and gem all for the same piece of software, but running the coolest software requires sacrifice, right?

4. Install/build fails with a mysterious error.
5. Google mysterious error.
6. Google: „Ah, you’re running an old version of Python/Go/Cobol/WTFBBQ!“