Jahr des Linux Desktops 2019 …

… wird leider auch nix. Laut @sawaba

Why it will never be the year of the Linux Desktop
1. Install Linux. Works great!
2. Stumble upon interesting software on GitHub.

This looks really cool! You get excited.

3. Tackle 37-step process to build or install involving setenv, sandboxing, $PATH, export, tmux, gem install, apt-get, yarn, CPAN, rvm, nvm, pip, curl tgzs & nodejs to run 50kb of code.

You’re nervous about being asked to install deps via CPAN, pip and gem all for the same piece of software, but running the coolest software requires sacrifice, right?

4. Install/build fails with a mysterious error.
5. Google mysterious error.
6. Google: „Ah, you’re running an old version of Python/Go/Cobol/WTFBBQ!“

„Ah fuck, here we go“, you’re thinking…

7. Update Python/Go/Cobol/WTFBBQ
8. Package manager: „Sorry, fuck off, this is the newest version you can get“
9. Try to install a newer version manually
10. Install/build fails with a mysterious error.

11. Google mysterious error.
12. It appears newer versions of Python/Go/Cobol/WTFBBQ aren’t compatible with the CurmudgeonOS distro due to issues with dependencies, paths and people with dirty auras.

You consider replacing CurmudgeonOS with HipsterOS.

13. You Google mysterious error + people with CurmudgeonOS
14. Yes, people have made this software work with your situation, but solutions generally involve chroot, docker and lemon water detox. Snappy? Flatpak?

Is it really worth a multi-day colon cleansing to get this software running?

You begin to suspect this software has only ever worked on one system… the developer’s.

But how could that be? It’s been starred over 3000 times!

15. You Google other similar software.
16. You find a Chrome extension that does the same thing. It takes < 3 seconds to install and works perfectly on ChromeOS/MacOS/Windows/Linux.

I just spent an hour of my Sunday afternoon trying to get sound through HDMI working on Debian. Unsuccessfully.

Wow, I can’t believe that’s still a thing. I remember PRINTING copies of my XF86Config just in case of dataloss, because it took so long to get working. Back in 2002, that is…

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