Bleibt es bei der Cloud?

  • I’m frustrated that an on-premise small business Exchange option was discontinued but „renting“ everything on a monthly basis is all the rage in our industry again. Give it a few years and the pendulum will swing the other way.
  •  The pendulum swings again 🙂 I have been in the business for nearly 30 years now. Seems we go back and forth every 5-10 years. Technology changes (like terminal/mainframe – (thin)client/server – apps/cloud) but the basic concepts remain the same. Sometimes even the technology doesn’t change, just the usage: E.g. Usenet with pay-servers are all the rage for the heavy downloaders, but usenet has been around since the early 80’s.
  •  Indeed, I don’t disagree at all, and was merely intending to point out the unfortunate demise of SBS. I completely agree with the premise of an on-site box, and in some respects, find it much easier to contend with than going out to rented services.

aus einer serverfault Diskussion über Active Directory

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