Hilfe bei Hardware Problemen

Es gibt doch wirklich nützliche Programme. Da sucht man verzweifelt einen Fehler und dann sowas:

Possible causes can be cosmic radiation, instable power supplies, cooling problems, broken hardware, running systems out of specification, or bad luck.

QNAP zerstört RAID 5 / 6 Arrays

Warum dann überhaupt RAID verwenden? Und warum tritt der Fehler bei den üblichen Linux Distributionen nicht auf?

A RAID 5 and RAID 6 algorithm issue that was reported by IT expert Wayne Small has been resolved in QTS builds released after April 17, 2017.

Silent data corruption
might have occurred on NAS devices with affected QTS builds and RAID 5 or RAID 6 configurations. The latest QTS builds already address this issue and users can recover corrupted data by installing a recent build and then performing RAID scrubbing. However, RAID scrubbing cannot recover corrupted data if the RAID is degraded.